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Yoana Baraschi Yoana Baraschi Yoana Baraschi Yoana Baraschi Yoana Baraschi

Yoana Baraschi

The expanding empire of Yoana Baraschi comes from the collection’s striking vibrancy of unexpected texture pairings, from the feminine and elegant to the fierce and modern.  Tailored-to-perfection jackets, sexy-shaped dresses,  edgy knit tops, woven blouses, and item bottoms make up this stellar, successful line.  Whether it’s utilizing whimsical, color-amped digital prints, sequins, mixed media double-knits, or brightly colored silks, to her latest cashmere, printed scarf collection, it is a decidedly feminine vision. Yoana Baraschi has an eloquence in luxury aesthetic for collector-minded, sophisticated women.  Iconic Hollywood fans include Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad, Sienna Miller, Paris Hilton, and Halle Berry.   Yoana Baraschi’s designs can be seen often in People StyleWatch, InStyle, and Elle, and are worn frequently by guests and commentators alike on The Today Show.  Her artisanal approach to fashion and her European heritage and dedication continue to inspire each season with freshness and forefront direction.